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3D Square Disposable Bag for Cell Cultures

3D Square Disposable Bag for Cell Cultures

3D Square Disposable Bag for Cell Cultures

3D square body bags employ multilayer coextrusion film, which guarantees the very low gas permeability, good physical strength, excellent chemical compatibility as well as biocompatibility of sterile reservoir fluid, thus making them safe for the storage and transport of various biopharmaceutical liquids. Standard 3D square body storage bags are available in many types and specifications 50 l-3000 L and can be used independently for storage of buffers, media, intermediates or stock solutions, or they can be attached to a sterilizer filter for supporting use. The inlet and outlet lines may be obtained with luer connectors, CPC quick change connectors, tri clamp health grade connectors or sterile connectors. Several sampling modalities are available, such as needle free samplers, luer parent joints, and medical heparin caps.

*The membrane material is highly transparent, which is beneficial to the judgment of auxiliary process.
*Flexible custom size, tubing, joints and filters for a variety of
*Biopharmaceutical processes.
*A number of square support vessels are available

*Storage and transport of buffers and media
*Cell harvest solution transport
*Purified component collection
*Intermediate filtering and storage
*A suitable volume of liquid-liquid mixing process
*Stock solution storage and transfer

Specifications: 50 l-3000 L, special specifications can be customized
Temperature used: - 80 ° C ~ 60 ° C
Mode of sterilization: γ - ray irradiation and sterilization (25-40 kGy)
Packing form: double layer PE bag vacuum packaged
Membrane material information
Structure: LDPE / EVOH / ULDPE (liquid contact layer)
Thickness: 0.325 mm

ISO 10993-4: haemolysis haemolysis test
ISO 10993-5: cytotoxicity cytotoxicity
ISO 10993-6: implantation test implantation test
ISO 10993-10: tests for sensitization and sensitization
ISO 10993-11: acute systemic toxicity test
USP < 85 >: bacterial endotoxins LAL test bacterial endotoxin
USP < 88 >: biological activity testing, in vivo, class VI in vivo biological response
USP<661>:Plastic Containers European Pharmacopoeia tests, Ch.3.1.5
Plastic containers European Pharmacopoeia test 3.1.5

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