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Gas Hose

    The gas hose is a special pipe for conveying combustible gases. It is a kind of metal gas hose to replace the traditional rubber hose. It can solve the defects of easy shedding, aging, insect bite and short life of rubber hose. The gas pipe also has the characteristics of convenient installation, reliable connection, corrosion resistance, air resistance, good flexibility and long service life, which can be bent without deformation or resistance.

    Product features:

    1. The gas airtightness is good and the gas permeability is very small.
    2. High strength, not easy to be crushed by heavy objects;
    3. It can prevent mouse bite;
    4. It can be bent arbitrarily when bending, the hose will not collapse and plug gas.
    5. Cold resistant, oil resistant and chemical corrosion resistance, and the service life are guaranteed for more than 5 years.
    6. High-cost performance, less consumable material, convenient installation, energy saving and environmental protection.

    Operation method:

    1. When the gas hose is installed, it should be properly protected (especially when the tiles are attached). It is not allowed to dismantle, move, touch, smash, squeeze, and burn the trachea to ensure that the gas hose is intact and undamaged.

    2. Remember not to seal the gas hose, especially in the total value of the whole building and the gas meter in the home of the users. If you need to decorate a living door cabinet or leave a ventilation hole, enough space should be reserved for maintenance and security.

    3. Not to dismantle gas hose lines (including pipeline fixing hook nail or pipe) and water heater should be installed by professional technical personnel of gas hose company to ensure the safety.

    4. The gas pipe cannot be buried in the wall. The gas hose is not allowed to pass through the wall and should not be too long, and the rubber pipe of the stove is not more than 2 meters.
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