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Engineering Application of Stainless Pipe Fittings


In recent years, the application of stainless steel as building materials is increasingly used. There are a variety of reasons, including understanding better to materials, aiming to update some designs, and trying to produce a durable construction material without maintenance, etc. What are the using standards about stainless pipe fittings?

1. Relevant Laws and Regulations of Pipe Fittings' Actual Selection and Use.

When the pipe fittings are in the actual selection or use, you must follow the corresponding laws and regulations, especially for the transmission of extreme or highly hazardous fluid media, flammable media and high pressure gas. Under the premise of these, the types of pipe fittings are mainly determined by the use and conditions of use(pressure, temperature and fluid media). The following is a list of relevant laws or regulations for reference only.

1). Special Equipment Safety Supervision Law;

2). Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment;

3). Regulations on Safety Management and Supervision over Pressure Pipelines;

4). Regulations for Quality Supervision and Safety Supervision of Special Equipment;

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