CJan Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.


  • FOOD CJan products are widely used in liquid food industry such as milk, juice, beverage, wine, edible oil, drinking water and so on. The food hose and hos... view
  • PHARMACEUTICAL The pharmaceutical industry for the high requirements of fluid conveying products, CJan company has been committed to the development of hose products... view
  • BIOTECHNOLOGY The application of CJan products in the biotechnology industry, mainly in the silicone tube, than conventional hose smooth inner surface 3 times, effe... view
  • CHEMICAL In the field of chemistry especially strong corrosive chemical industry, we need to use a large number of Teflon products conveying material, it’s a ... view
  • COSMETICS In the cosmetics industry, CJan company provides high temperature and cleanliness products, services in several cosmetics manufacturers and the indust... view
  • SEMICONDUCTOR The development of the semiconductor industry in recent years has set all industries to the forefront. Industry is extremely demanding for the cleanli... view
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