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Hose Fittings by Medium

  • Water Hose FittingsDecember 13, 2017A fitting used to connect a water pipe. According usage message, the water hose fittings can be divided into: external threaded end water hose fitting, sleeve type water hose fitting, self-fixed water...view
  • Fuel Hose FittingsDecember 13, 2017Fuel hose fittings, namely quick fittings, is composed of O-rings and special engineering plastics shell. In the fuel hose fittings, it adopts double seal rings radial sealing structure. The inner O-r...view
  • Air Hose FittingsDecember 13, 2017The following points should be paid attention to when the air hose fitting is used: do not use for purposes other than fluids; Do not apply to fluids other than appropriate fluid; Do not exceed the ma...view
  • Gas Hose FittingsDecember 14, 2017The gas hose fitting is made of integral insulation joint, which consists of the following parts: upper, lower tube, sleeve, insulating piece, seal, insulating coating. In the upper and lower end of t...view
  • Oil Hose FittingsDecember 14, 2017The oil hose fitting adopts Taiwan technology. It adopts double oil-less bearings and double spherical seal. It can automatically adjust the core and compensate to make the spring relatively static. A...view
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