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Gas Hose Fittings

    The gas hose fitting is made of integral insulation joint, which consists of the following parts: upper, lower tube, sleeve, insulating piece, seal, insulating coating. In the upper and lower end of the insulation joint, the insulation parts and seals are sandwiched, and the double-seal structure with insulating properties is formed. The sleeve shall be welded or welded directly to the upper and lower pipes which enveloped the upper and lower piped and substances to form a sealed container. Thus, the insulation effect is guaranteed, and the bearing capacity of the insulation structure is greatly improved.

    When using the gas hose fitting, clean the air inlet of the stove first, then put the hose fitting into the top of the kitchen and exceed the red line, and clamp the hose with pipe clamp or pipe. According to the relevant regulations of the state, the life of plastic hose is two years. If it is used for a long time without replacement, the gas is easy to leak. The outer part of the corrugated pipe is covered with a yellow plastic. All the inside is stainless steel. There is a black rubber piece on the two ends of the pipe. After the connection is tightened with the valve, the rubber piece will expand to prevent it from deflating.
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