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Warehouse Strategies of Convoluted Hose


Storage life

The storage time should be shortened by commercial weight; and the "first in first out" cycle method can be adopted. For extending storage times, such as one year, thorough examination of hose pipe shall be carried out prior before using.


Ozone can destroy rubber materials. There should be no ozone releasing substances in the storage environment, such as mercury lamps, mercury tubes, high voltage electrical equipments, motors, and other substances that may produce spark and static electricity.

Storage environment

All fittings including hose pipes, shall not be exposed to or in contact with solvents, fuels, oils, greases, volatiles, acids, disinfectants, and etc.. In addition, metal materials such as copper, iron and manganese can also cause damage to rubber.

Heat Source

Storage locations shall be kept in enough distance from the heat source (including heating equipment) to meet the temperature specifications in Clause 2.3. If the distance cannot be maintained, heat insulation panel shall be installed.

Electric field and magnetic field

Storage sites must not have electromagnetic field changes. Electric or magnetic field changes will make hose pipes wind metal coil produce current, leading to hose pipess heating. Things can Produce such strong electric and magnetic fields: such as high voltage cables and high frequency generators.

Storage condition

Hose pipes shall not be artificially compressed, elongated or over modified in storage. Do not let hose pipes touch with any sharp metal. Hose pipes should be stored in dry conditions,and if conditions allowed they should be stored in separate areas. Hose pipes should be rolled flat when it is rolled up and should not overlap. If stacking is required, the stacking height shall not exceed the limit, and the lower hose shall be compressed to produce a permanent change. Heavier products should be placed below and the lighter above. The bending radius of the coil must not exceed the minimum bending radius of the product standard. Do not hang coiled hose pipes on the hook. The straight hose pipe should be flat and can not be folded.

Delivery from storage

It should be ensured that hose pipes delivered are flawless and perfect, and meet the conditions of using. Therefore, different hose pipes should be marked accordingly. Under special circumstances, if hose pipes is stored for a long time, check the metal pipe head carefully before leaving the warehouse.

Return to storage

Before hose pipes are returned to the storage, it shall be ensured that there is no residual transmission material inside. Special inspection shall be taken on substances such as explosives, combustibles and corrosive substances. At the end of the cleaning, hose pipes should be checked whether in good condition or not before return to storage, in order to ensure the normal use for following days.

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