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The Main Application Areas of Silicon Tubing


The silicone tubing has been widely used in national defense, medical and health care and people's daily life because of its excellent characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance, water repellency, electrical insulation and physiological inertia.

Aerospace and aviation industry

The silicone tubing can withstand extreme temperatures, remain stable in extreme stress conditions and harsh environments, not affecting its using, therefore can be used in the manufacture of aircraft or spacecraft. Silicon tubing has become one of the most important high-performance materials in aerospace and aviation industry.

Automotive Industry

The silicone tubing has excellent characters like insulation, heat resistance, oil resistance and aging resistance. It can improve the performance of automotive components, and can be used in almost all aspects of the automotive industry.

Electronics industry

The extremely professional application of the electronic industry puts forward high requirements for the sealing material. The excellent characteristics of the silicon tube can fully meet the requirements of the electronic products. Silicone tubing can be used as heat pipes, hoses, and Coolant hoses for extremely demanding engines in industrial production areas.

Medical field

The silicone tubing medical grade has been widely used in the fields of life science, medical instruments and medicine. In addition to meet the basic requirements of medical polymer materials, the silicone tubing can also be  heat and cold resistant, non-toxic, anti aging, have minimal negative effect on human tissue, and have good physical and mechanical properties. Thus it becomes the most typical medical polymer materials.

Besides the above applications, the silicone tubing medical grade should also be used in biomedical engineering field.

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