CJan Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.

Milk Hose

The company's products are mainly suitable for the transport of dairy products such as milk. This product has no plasticizer, and is made from high-grade polyester food grade raw materials. It does not contain phthalate and heavy metals, it is non-toxic and tasteless, and does not decompose any smell and taste. High transparency, easy to confirm the flow of materials; light, soft, durable. The inner wall is smooth and it is non sticky water. It is thick wall and high pressure resistance. The product can be sterilized at high temperature and autoclave, and it can be applied to a wide range of -40 ~ 150 C, with good performance at high and low temperature. It is not easy to be crushed and can be conveyed in vacuum. At the same time, this product has the characteristics of antibacterial and hydrolytic, it has very good chemical resistance, extreme wear resistance. The prototype can be maintained under a vacuum and high pressure.

And the product is kept clean and sealed in the polymerized bag during the production process. The quality control procedures are put on record and can be assembled and packaged using the usual length, color, 316 stainless steel sanitary joints, and hose.
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