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TYPE FLT - Hose Fittings

TYPE FLT - Hose Fittings

  • TYPE SFN - Hose Fittings

    TYPE SFN - Hose Fittings

    Female fitting with smooth hose shank with nutFitting standard: SMSShank standard: EN14420-5/DIN2817Nut material: SS304A...

  • TYPE TC-3A - Hose Fittings

    TYPE TC-3A - Hose Fittings

    Fitting standard: 3A.Other fitting standards are available.Other materials are available.Remark: Can be customized.

Fixed flange with toothed hose shank for connect with another hose closely, no easy to drop.
Other flange standards are available.
Other materials are available.

Remark: Can be customized.

Part no. Material Size Flange standard For hose
FLT013S6-EN16 SS316 1/2" EN PN16 12.7
FLT019S6-EN16 SS316 3/4" EN PN16 19
FLT025S6-EN16 SS316 1" EN PN16 25.4
FLT032S6-EN16 SS316 1-1/4" EN PN16 32
FLT038S6-EN16 SS316 1-1/2" EN PN16 38
FLT040S6-EN16 SS316 1-1/2" EN PN16 40
FLT051S6-EN16 SS316 2" EN PN16 50.8
FLT064S6-EN16 SS316 2-1/2" EN PN16 63.5
FLT065S6-EN16 SS316 2-1/2" EN PN16 65
FLT076S6-EN16 SS316 3" EN PN16 76
FLT080S6-EN16 SS316 3" EN PN16 80
FLT102S6-EN16 SS316 4" EN PN16 102
FLT127S6-EN16 SS316 5" EN PN16 127
FLT152S6-EN16 SS316 6" EN PN16 152

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